Welcome to Aanchal

In the year 1990, eminent educationists, child psychologists, teachers and other professionals who are related to the field of education, directly or indirectly for more than thirty years got together to create a platform for the intellectual, mental, physical, emotional and moral development of the tiny tots. Aanchal was conceived with an idea to provide homely yet conducive environment to the child. There is cut throat competition all the way; to do well in school, in  board exams, to get into the right college, to get the right job and the ones ahead are those who have had the benefit of a balanced imaginative grounding right from the early years. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT AANCHAL IS ALL ABOUT. The driving force at Aanchal is the care and  quality of education imparted in the most crucial formative years of a child’s life and career. This would help gear the child to develop self-confidence and combat competition in his/her quest towards becoming a successful citizen of India.

 Our Mission

To challenge our students to develop to their full potential and become responsible citizens, ready to face the changing world.